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Better photo to come once I take one! (This one’s from 2013.)
Hello, and thanks for stumbling by! Welcome to my little corner of the Web. My name’s Edward Mills, and I’m a PhD student (in my second year) at the University of Exeter. I’m based in the Department of Modern Languages, but (somewhat confusingly) I’m a medievalist, working on Anglo-Norman didactic texts in the centuries following the Norman Conquest (c. 1100 to c. 1450). For a little more on what both ‘Anglo-Norman’ and ‘didactic texts’ actually mean, have a look at my blog posts here and here!

I’ve had a fair few blogs in my time: from the short-lived experiment with blogging as a fresher, to the even shorter-lived blog written ten years ago (!) about the World Scout Jamboree, to a moderately-successful attempt to tell the story of an undergraduate Year Abroad, blogging has been a Thing That I Enjoy Doing™ for a while now.[1] With that in mind, and with a new blogging platform that I’m eager to get wrong experiment with, I felt that the time was right to have another bite at the proverbial apple.

With that in mind, please do have a look around! If you like what you see, please do let me know: I’m on Twitter (@edward_mills), so do say hello: I love it when people get in touch, so you’d make my day with even the shortest of messages.

Oh, and if you’re curious – my WordPress avatar is an illuminated representation of Edward I, taken from a genealogical roll of English Kings in the British Library (London, British Library, MS Royal 14 B VI). The entire manuscript is viewable online here; the image in question is on ‘folio’ 7r. All header images on my homepage are taken from manuscripts held by Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford.


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1 Extra kudos to you if you manage to find my short-lived video-blog project. And no, Ségo, you don’t get to try.[↵]